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Honeyman Farms is based on a commitment to the American principles of self-reliance and good stewardship of our environment - plants and animals. While American farming and industry have fed the world and created an unbelievable standard of living, it is important for us (of these more fortunate generations) to remember that original close connection between the farmer and the land, so that we can rekindle it whenever necessary. We now see that "local food" is a desirable alternative to a globalized market, and that heirloom gems are finding their way as an alternative to overused commodity nursery stock. It is the goal of our company to stoke the fire of gardeners, nature freaks, flower fanatics, beekeepers, chicken lovers, slow food eaters, home orchardists and liberty nuts like us. This America of ours is an irreplaceable gift from God – a soaring example of free will, hard work and big ideas. The key is to keep it free, which is what you do when you find your own little hunk of America and grow your own food and flowers.